The GAP Story

History:Gualalupe Alternative Programs was founded in 1967 by Sister M. Giovanni Gourhan, who moved to St. Paul's West Side in 1961 to teach at Our Lady of Guadalupe Elementary School.  Disturbed by the number of Latino school-aged young people she saw on the streets of the West Side, Sister G., as she was known throughout her community, started a high school for drop-outs.  In July 1967, Sister G and the School Sisters of Notre Dame, the Catholic Order of Sisters to which she belonged, purchased a house near Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

In 1970, a nine-room building was added to the house.  More than 50 young people attended the alternative school.  In 1989, construction of a four-story building was completed and the GAPs' school enrollment doubled.  Adult literacy classes in the new building and other programs were expanded.  In 1995, more space was added, including a gymnasium, classroom space to accommodate a junior high school program, computer lab, industrial arts and day care.  Enrollment increased to 160.

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Vision: GAP provides a compassionate, respectful and nurturing educational environment that helps young people and adults over the barriers of poverty, racism and self-destructive behavior that prevent them from living productive and successful lives.

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