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Through a long-term partnership with Saint Paul Public Schools, GAP School helps youth at high-risk of school dropout complete their high school diploma in an environment better tailored to meet their strengths and needs. GAP School is a State-Approved Alternative Program (SAAP) that serves youth behind in academic skills, experiencing mental health problems, pregnant or parenting, low-income or homeless, chemically dependent, English Language Learners, or who otherwise have experienced or are experiencing difficulty in the traditional education system.


GAP School, a contracted site of the St. Paul Public Schools, engages in continuous improvement documented in the School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP) and Title I Plan.

​The following three documents are meant to inform and engage parents as collaborators:

GAP School is currently a Focus School as measured by the Multiple Measure Ratings; you can read more information in a letter from our Principal. Our Minnesota Department of Education Report Card highlights program graduation rates, assessment scores and demographic information. For more insight, please review the GAP School State of the School Report '22-'23.

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